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Stainless Steel Touchless

Soap Dispenser


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  • Great for use with hand soap, liquid dish soap, or hand sanitizer. Modern Stainless Steel finish compliments any kitchen or bathroom​. An ideal hands free accessory

  • Responsive infrared sensor sees your hand instantly and gives the perfect amount of soap every time. With 3 levels of volume control to suit your needs

  • These innovating auto dispensing gadgets are simple and mess free for the whole family. No more soapy gunk left behind as there is no contact needed and will never drip. Also comes in handy when cooking and left with messy hands, you’ll wonder why you never had one before!

  • Slightly elevated base is very effective at keeping the battery compartment from getting wet with small feet that work equally well in preventing any soap layer from being left behind on your countertops

  • A good idea to keep one in the entry way for use as an auto hand sanitizer dispenser so you can be sure every guest that comes in will have clean and virus free hands

  • We take pride in customer satisfaction as our brand was created for everyday people just like ourselves. If you are unhappy in any way please contact us and we will do everything we can to make it right!


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